Technical Staff
Our highly specialized team provides you access to valuable experience and expertise. Questions can be directed to our sales team, led by a Masters in Agronomy.

Virgin Woods
In contrast to many mulch manufacturers, much of our wood is supplied from clean material sourced from our stave mills.

Prompt & Flexible Deliveries
Our truck fleet is supplemented with additional carriers during peak seasons to provide prompt deliveries.

Consistency & Safety
We grind the product ourselves and consistency is easier because much of our source is pure white oak from stave manufacturing. This results in contaminant-free mulch.

Respect for the Environment
In realizing the value of wood and natural resources, we convert white oak set aside in barrel manufacturing into valuable by-products. We do not harvest trees to make mulch.

Family Owned
Four generations of hardwood and production knowledge to ensure quality products.

Buy Direct
No middleman, saving you time and money.

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